********HOME OF THE $1.00 PRESCRIPTIONS********
Holiday Pharmacy is a Full Service Pharmacy with a Full Compounding Services. Come and check us out and see what we can save you on your prescriptions (even if you have insurance). Transfering prescriptions is as easy as one phone call to any pharmacy in United States.
-10 to 15 minutes wait time only
-same friendly staff working everyday
-dedicated free delivery service in local area
-accept all major prescription insurance plans, if we are not on board with any insurance, let us know and we will get contracted with them for you so we can provide a better and faster service.
-come become part of our $1.00 prescription program (these are the same drugs you will find at all major chain pharmacies, we simply just choose not make profit on it. This is our way of giving back to the community)
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2537  U. S. HWY 19 N.
(Tahitian Plaza next to Webb's 99)
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